2020 Ktm 300 Xcw Street Legal Kit

The essentials to make your road XCW legal. With our additional license plate lighting, you can keep your standard taillight and reduce costs. What comes with it:Hydraulic Rear Brake SwitchSICASS Multifunction Handlebar Switch Without / Low/High Headlight ControlBlind Shutter Front and Rear Turn Signals of Your Choice12V DC Electric Horn Mounting Plate Light License PlateAll Required Wiring Harnesses and AdaptersNOTE: This kit does not include a headlight or taillight, it uses the factory KTM units that come with your bike. Kit is designed to legalize your bike on the road in most states. Excellent kit, had trouble understanding how to wire the headlights. But after a few hours of browsing Youtube, I was finally able to understand it designed to maintain the attractive aesthetics of the motocross style while meeting government requirements for use on the road, it is the only minimal kit of this type on the market. Perfect for Dual Sport or SuperMoto conversions looking for the cleanest look. Two SAE connectors are integrated for maximum convenience. Charge your phone while you drive via USB with the front plug and/or just hold your battery.

We ride with Waze on our phone, which is mounted on our poles and offers GPS navigation and speedometer. The second SAE is located on the back of the wiring harness to quickly disconnect the power source and fuse. Suitable for:2014-16 KTM 200 XCW2017-19 KTM 150 XCW2014-18 KTM 250 XCW2014-18 KTM 300 XCW* Depending on the condition, additional DOT equipment may be required All gear changes pull extremely low 9W DC, which is available on all modern off-road motorcycles equipped with batteries or equipped with fuel injection without the need for an improved stator. Bikes without battery or fuel injection should get a 12V rechargeable battery of your choice. We recommend the antigravity cell 4 for its extremely small size and low weight. Easy installation in about an hour if you are a bit tech-savvy. A professional installation is recommended if this is not the case. Installation instructions are sent via PDF email immediately after ordering, so please check your junk folder if you can`t find it. The Tusk Motorcycle Enduro lighting kit is designed to be an easy way to provide front and rear turn signals, taillights/brakes, horn and rearview mirror for your motorcycle.

The Tusk Motorcycle Enduro lighting kit is easy to install and does not require cutting or cluttering your motorcycle`s existing wiring. The components have universal applications and work on almost all motorcycles with minor modifications. The kit is intended for motorcycles with existing headlights. The Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit is an easy-to-install lighting kit that does not require you to interfere with or interfere with the wiring of your motorcycle. The kit comes with wiring harness, mini LED rod turn signals, recessed LED turn signals on the back, flashing relay, horn, hydraulic brake switch, LED taillight/brake light, dual sport folding mirror, on/off switch and control switch. The kit is intended for motorcycles with existing headlights. It`s a very good kit. My only complaint is that the taillight/wing is not really shaped to fit the KTM wing without spaces. (2003 450EXC-G) Otherwise, the wiring components are good and worked well for my application.

KTM lighting kits come with all the necessary mounting hardware and electrical connectors for quick and easy installation. The Pre `11 XC models are also equipped with a wiring harness, voltage regulator and on-off light switch. These are plug-and-play components of o.e.m quality. The rear light is LED. This is a plug-and-play kit that uses factory OEM connectors, turn signal harnesses, and switches. Included in the kit is the OEM turn signal harness, OEM or LED turn signals, flashing relays, rear brake pressure switch, CEV multifunction or euro switch, horn and our adapters to do everything plug and play. The Euro switch has a better layout and ergos than the CEV, but does not have the off function for the headlight like the CEV. If we keep the standard push/pull switch to kill all the lights, we prefer the euro, but if the bike is not equipped with it, we prefer the CEV. Now available with the Taco Moto Co. Tail Tidy for ktm and petrol models.

Tail Tidy will not work on Husqvarna models, but will be released soon. This kit does not come with a license plate holder. We have a choice of standard KTM rigid brackets, MotoMinded Flex Plate and Enduro plates. The front turn signals also serve as bright daytime running lights that allow daytime operation without the need for actual headlights. For night driving, you`ll want to find our Stealthy Bar Mount Eco projector HERE, or you can use your own** if it`s less than 25W. For a separate headlight control useful for high/low functions, or for those that save power on battery-only configurations, opt for the optional headlight control switch. ** The maximum switching current is 2.5 A, any light above 25 W (combined) requires an automotive relay Note: Tail Tidy only works with a DIRECT current. If you`re putting on a carburetor bike, you`ll need a stator upgrade If you want to add it to a bike without factory lights, check out our TNM KTM/HUSQVARNA XC/TX and XCF/FX lighting harness options. Should pass most government inspections*, but we still recommend our ultra-simple coating service, which can be found HERE if you need to travel quickly and without inspections or problems.